Schema Microdata – It Sounds Black Hat But Its Not

Local Online Marketing
Schema Microdata Is A New Opportunity For Your Local Online Marketing

The Yellow Pages – a big book listing every business in town. And businesses paid to be listed – often it was the only advertising they did.

Then Google killed it. Google was faster, easier, and they didn’t have to cut down a forest every year. Sure, you need a computer, but…

Now we carry our computers in our pocket and we search for businesses from anywhere. And Google knows we want to know where those businesses are – so they show maps and give us turn-by-turn directions on our phone screen.

How does Google know where you are? There are lots of places to find that information, one of them is your website. But how do they know that the address information on your website is your business information and not some other address?

Introducing Schema Microdata

Google looks for your NAP: Name, Address, and Phone Number. It’s important that your NAP is consistent across all their information sources (more on that another time).

And they have now agreed to use a standard “markup” coding system known as Schema Microdata.

Its really pretty simple. Your web designer needs to add some hidden code to your NAP info that tells Google “This is my street address,” “This is my city,” etc.

Your Schema Microdata Advantage

Google uses 200 or so factors to rank your website. If you have all 200 in just the right way, you’re listed first. If you have none of them on your website, you’re listed last (if at all).


  1. Having your NAP in Schema Microdata Format is one of the factors.
  2. Less than 20% of all businesses have incorporated Schema Microdata.

It won’t make you number one, but it’s another advantage you can have over your slower to act competition. But if you wait, they’ll eventually get it added, too, and your advantage goes away.

McColley Marketing Media can add Schema Microdata to every page on your website – an important clue for Google that will make it easier for customers to find you. Call Lynn at 480-704-4286 to find out how affordable this change can be.