Email is a great way to grow your business

In fact, it’s got the highest ROI of any advertising method - $38 dollars for every dollar you spend.

Email Marketing Is Not Sending Thousands of Spam Messages

Mass email blasts are a waste of money, and can have a negative impact.  Sure, you can buy delivery to 50 or 100,000 “opt-in” emails, but your response will be abysmal. 

Back when the iPad was the hottest tech device in the world, I had a client who paid to have 50,000 emails delivered to people within 10 miles of his store.  The offer was great: “Register To Win an iPad During Our Grand Opening.” Two people came in from the email.

Email Marketing Is “Core” Marketing

Unlike most advertising, you’re not trying to convince strangers to do business with you; you’re talking with your “Core” market. This “Core” is made up of people who have already done business with you or have expressed an interest in getting your messages.

Core Email Marketing Gets Great Response Rates

Thanks to changes at Facebook, only 2% of your Facebook Fans will ever see your message in their timeline. Twitter isn’t any better, only about .5% (half of one percent) of your Twitter followers will catch your message in their feed.  For email, a good response should be around 3%.  Coupled with the low cost of delivery, it’s easy to see why email has such a great return on investment.

How To Tell If Email Marketing Make Sense for Your Business?

Core marketing methods work best if you have repeat customers. Will your customers be coming back and purchasing your product or service again soon?  If so, email is a great way to stay in touch with those customers so they will be thinking of you when the time is right.

Email is also a good method to use if you need to communicate other products or services that your customers may not realize you offer. A heating and air-conditioning company that also offers electrical and plumbing services would be a great example.

Email Is Great For Complex Sales, Too

A special type of email program called an auto-responder can help you close those complex sales where the customer needs a lot of information.  An auto-responder is a programmed series of emails that are delivered over time.  You might offer a 5 message series that you deliver over 5 days – or 5 weeks.
You’ve probably seen this method used as a “Free Email Course” or other “How-To” program that breaks the sale message into bite size pieces.  Once the customer gives you their email, everything is automatic.

Why You Need An Email Service

Email marketing seems like something you could do on your office computer, right?  Technically, yes.  But using a service to manage signups and cancellations can save you a tremendous number of headaches and let you gather a lot of marketing information.

Managing subscriptions is critical. The Can-Spam act was passed after people complained about too much junk mail.  It has some pretty stringent controls on who you can send marketing emails to.  And if someone says “unsubscribe me,” these services handle the full job.  With Can-Spam fines set at $16,000 per email, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything be the book.

But the other thing that an email service brings you is more valuable:  knowledge. Email services allow you to track who opens your mail, and what links they click on. For example, imagine you’re an insurance agency and you send an email that mentions a special program on boat insurance.  It would be very valuable to know who clicked that boat insurance link, wouldn’t it?  Email gives you that information and more.

Done-For-You or Do-It-Yourself

McColley Marketing Media can help you get started with your email marketing program.  Some of our clients will want to do it themselves, writing their own messages, designing an email template, adding signup forms to their website, and managing their subscribers. 

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, email can cost less than a hundred dollars to get started. If you need help with any part of that, we’re ready to step in and help.

Other clients are more concerned with running their day to day operation and want a fully done for them service. We’re ready to take the ball and run.

There’s a third group of clients who started to do it themselves and discovered that it was too much and would like us to take over their project so they can get back to work. We’re happy to grab the reigns for you, too.

Over $400,000 From Two Emails!

At McColley Marketing Media, our most successful email campaign led to over $400,000 in sales over a two week promotion.  Email probably won’t be that effective for you, but it can still be quite profitable. Give us a call to get started.

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