FREE email marketing test driveWant to take a test drive of McMail, our email campaign software?  It's free!  Just follow the steps below.





McMail email campaign software demo1.  Click the link and sign in:

The Link: Mcmail Email Campaign Software (Demo opens in a new window so you can follow along with the directions)

Sign in:  User: Demo Password: email (it's case sensitive)


create a new email marketing campaign2.  Create a new campaign

Just fill in the blanks to give your campaign a name, create the subject line, and set the return address.  CAUTION:  I've found that if you use a "throwaway" email address (Free accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, etc) as your return and sent from addresses, you are likely to get caught up in the spam filters.  Use a real, domain based account and you won't have any problems.


choose one of our free email templates3.  Pick your Template.

You can choose a free email marketing template from several sample email marketing templates.  If you decide to become a McMail user, we'll personalize one of our 30+ email marketing templates with your artwork, or we can design a custom template for you (for a small fee).


Add text to our free email templates is fast and easy4.  Add some text.  Maybe a picture.

Just click the little yellow pencil to edit a title or section.  A text entry section opens at the top of the window.  You could just put in some non-sense, or you can take a moment and add a real article that you would send to customers.  That's the best option because you'll get to see exactly how things would work in the real world.

While working on the article body, there will be an option to add an image at the bottom edit section.  Select a picture from your hard drive to be inserted into your article.  McMail automatically uploads and resizes the picture when you save your article

You can add another article just by clicking the "Add New Item" button and adding more content.


You like what you see in your free email template preview5.  Preview the Email.

If you like what you see, move forward, otherwise you can go back and make more changes.


Pick who will receive your free email marketing test6.  Define your recipients.

The FREE demo is limited to just 5 emails so you'll have to add your recipients in by typing.  Send it to a couple of people who can call and ask them if they received it.  It'll also be more fun to watch the reports as they open it.  Normally you would be able to just import your mailing list.  Please enter several addresses as you'll get a better feel for the reports later.  Just follow the directions to put in your five email addresses, then hit Next.


mail-check-647.  Test and send your mail

You can send the email to yourself as a test.  This is something you would do before sending out the big blast.

McMail lets you send your campaign right away - or schedule it to go at some future time


Hitting the refresh button can be addictive8.  Now comes the fun part - let's see who opens it!

Click the button to see the reports.  If the only person you sent your email to was yourself, wait a moment to check your mail.  Take a look at the screen.  The stats here are updated as every person opens their mail - you just have to refresh your screen.  Now go check your mail and come back and hit the page refresh button on your browser.  If you sent it to a couple of other people, ask them to check their email and keep refreshing the screen to see it update as they do.  Image that with a thousand recipients.  That's why we say the page refresh button can be addictive!


McMail's reports are the best9.  Our reports are the best

You can see not only how many people opened your campaign, but when they opened, what links they clicked, who forwarded it, and much more.  You can also drill down to individual users and see what they did.  You can even export these reports directly into Excel.

Later, you can use the information in these reports to segment your next email.  Make a special offer in your email.  Recipients who click the link are telling you they are interested in the offer.  Your next email can go only to those who clicked the link...or who didn't.


You're gonna love mcmail email campaign software10.  Ready to get started?

Playing around is fun, but five recipients is way too few.  To get any real value out of McMail email campaign software you'll want to build your list.  Contact us and let's talk about creating an email marketing strategy that works.  We'll discuss what your emails will look like, importing your current list, and how to add subscription forms or even an email newsletter archive to your website - both are free with McMail!

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