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At McColley Marketing Media, we're proud to be Joomla web design agency. We use the award winning Joomla content management system for the majority of our websites.

We've been using Joomla since day one. In fact, our very first sites were created in Mambo, an earlier CMS that evolved into Joomla.

Why Use Joomla for Your Website:

  • It's Fast! Make changes in less than 60 seconds! 
    Joomla's powerful editor makes it simple to update your website content.  You can add or change text, headlines, pictures, and even add video to your site quickly.  
  • Complete control of access
    You can let your employees take control of sections of your website, while protecting other sections.  Marketing can access the sales pages, while support can keep your technical pages up to date.  Everybody gets their own Username/Password and access can be controlled down to the page level. 
    You can also reveal certain sections of your site only to users who create an account and give you a real email address in return. You can even charge them for access!
  • Structured for Websites
    Joomla was created for use as a web site not a blog.  It uses a "Content Outline" structure natively with sections that organize content and that allows for some interesting features.  CMS's that were designed for blogs use a "most recent" structure.  While both the major CMS's (WordPress and Joomla) are adaptable to either use, the native structure of Joomla makes it easier in some cases.
  • Over 50 million downloads.
    Joomla powers approximately 3% of all websites.  Users include the United Nations, Barnes & Nobel, GE, eBay, IKEA, and 175 US Government sites including NASA, NOAA, The US Defense Department, and the US Federal Court of Appeals.
  • Joomla is extendable
    Joomla not only allows anyone to create extra functionality, it encourages it.  At the time of writing the number of add-ons is over 8000 - everything from fancy slideshows to complete systems to create business portals, stores, hotel reservations and more.  Many are free.
  • Saves you money in the long run
    Joomla separates your content from the design and the functionality of the site.  3-5 years from now when you want to modernize your design, you don't need to re-create your content, just change the design and your content looks fresh.  As the web grows you'll need new functionality (like the shift to mobile).  Just download the newest Joomla and voila, your old content is new again. 
  • Joomla is powerful
    If you need a 10,000 page site with 100,000 users, Joomla is ready to go.  If you need a 5 page "brochure-style" site; Joomla is ready for that, too. As your site grows, Joomla can take you there.
  • Joomla is Open Source
    Open source software is software you can use for free.  It's developed by a vibrant community of users who take great pride in making it better and better. Updates to stay ahead of security issues and to add new features are turned out regularly.

Get a REAL Phoenix Joomla Web Design Expert

Like any software, Joomla has strengths and weaknesses. We know the shortcuts and the workarounds for all the problems, and how to take advantage of the best features. If you're looking for a Phoenix Joomla Web Design company, call us at McColley Marketing Media - 480-704-4286. We'll keep your project on track from start to finish.


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My website is exactly what I had in mind...

5-stars out of 5 stars

I have worked with Lynn numerous times in the past and have always appreciated his knowledge and quick turn around time. Lynn just finished recreating my website and I am thrilled! Not only is it exactly what I had in mind, but his suggestions and improvements can only add to the success of my business. I highly recommend Lynn McColley of McColley Marketing Media for all your website design needs.