The Secret To Getting 5-10 Times More Sales Leads From Your Website

Imagine you owned a car dealership. When a potential customer comes on the lot, what happens?  I guarantee the salesperson who is “up” is watching like a hawk. Their job is “taking names and kickin’ butt!” - that's car salesman speak for getting sales. In fact, as the dealership owner, you’d fire them if they let a customer wander in, look at a few cars, and then leave without making contact, right?

That’s Exactly What Happens At Your Website

Potential buyers visit your site, wander around, and 99 out of 100 just walk away.

It Gets Worse

If you look at your Google Analytics tracking, 20-30% of those visitors will come back to your site, look around again, and go away AGAIN. All without you even knowing.

Great Websites Get 5 to 10 Times More Customers For The Same Number Of Visitors

Just like that car dealership, great websites don’t let customers get away.  They watch visitors like a hawk, tracking their movement through the site and making irresistible offers in exchange for their email or other ways to reach them.  Then they deliver targeted offers to them. That's why they get 5X the response you're likely getting. In fact, the best of the best get 15-20% response rates.

Knowledge Is Power - And Our Marketing Automation Makes You Very Powerful

At your car dealership, the sales rep walks up and asks what kind of a car the visitor is looking for.  If they want a Mustang they don’t take them on a test drive in a Prius or a minivan.  The sales rep gets their name and gives them a business card, and takes them for a ride in the exact Mustang they wanted.

Our Marketing Automation system works the same way. It tracks what pages your visitor is looking at to see what interests them.  It pulls up a lot of information from their social media. And it delivers them the offers for things they are interested in and the information they need to make the decision to buy from you. It all happens automatically, without you getting involved.  And when they're getting close to buying, you get an email.

Marketing Automation Isn't New - It's Just Too Damned Expensive

The biggest websites in the world are all using it.  Marketing Automation is expensive - but those websites keep using it because it really works. 

How expensive? Eloqua is one of the biggest providers of Marketing Automation - yours for just $48,000 a year. Pardot is a lot cheaper - $24,000 per year.  In the last couple of years, new companies have brought out "cheaper" systems: Hubspot is $15,000 per year and InfusionSoft comes in at only $4000 a year.

Here's What IS New: Mautic

Mautic is a new Marketing Automation system. Version 1 was released in 2015 and they've come a long way since then.  Mautic is an Open-Source program, like our favorite website software, Joomla, that powers most of the sites we build. In fact, many of the main Mautic developers came out of the Joomla project. They started Mautic because the commercial Marketing Automation systems on the market are extremely overpriced and not that good,

Open Source means that the program is developed by volunteers and it is given away to users for free. And because Mautic has a huge group of excited volunteers, it's been developing like wildfire. I saw an interview with one of the Mautic mnagers who said they were asked at a conference about integrating a particular feature.  The next morning, that feature had already been added by a volunteer who was also attending the conference.

The Bottom Line

Mautic is already competitive with the top of the line programs and growing fast. You can take a huge leap by acting now before your competitors do. Since the program is free, the only thing you pay for is my expertise in installing and running it for you.

No More Talking - Fill Out That Form and Try It yourself

Mautic is running on this site. The blue form that recently popped up in the lower right is inviting you to see it in action.  If you fill it out, you'll receive a whirlwind example of a "Drip Campaign." It will send you short sequence of marketing messages via Email.

Drip Campaigns usually take place over many days or weeks, but you'll get this one in just 15-20 minutes.  So fill in the popup form and see Marketing Automation from the customer's point of view.  If you like it, we'll take you behind the curtain where you can find out how much marketing intelligence you can have.

If you already know about Marketing Automation and want to get started, give us a call at 480-704-4286.




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