"Advertising is Salesmanship Multiplied."
-- Claude Hopkins, Advertising Copywriter

Don't be fooled by the fancy technology.  Claude Hopkin's advice is still true today, over 100 years later.

At McColley Marketing Media we understand that the Internet is full of bright shiny objects. But we know that the goal is never "Likes" or "Followers" or "Pins."

The Goal is Always to Sell Something

Social Media, Online Ads, Your Website, Email Blasts and this week's newest online craze are all low money/high time methods of marketing.  Anyone can put up a Facebook Page in under an hour.  Facebook doesn't even charge you for the site. However learning the ropes can take some time, and filling your Page with interesting content, consistently, takes another investment in time. Time that you, as a business owner, are always short of.

You've probably got several people on staff that are "on Facebook all the time!" But don't fall into the trap that lots of small business owners di when the internet was new. They said, "My wife's nephew is sharp on computers and he can build my website." trap. That mistake was costly in terms of lost opportunities and playing catchup later. Online Marketing is the same.

We Can Help

We can help you create an online presence that will deliver buyers.  We know the technical stuff. We know the little things that make each of the methods work.  We know the shortcuts. And we've been around long enough to not be amazed by the "Next Big Thing."

We can get you and your team organized to do it yourself, or we can jump in and take over the whole effort.  As much or as little as you need.

Kickstart your Local Online Marketing with McColley Marketing Media. Call 480-704-4286 to get things started.

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My website is exactly what I had in mind...

5-stars out of 5 stars

I have worked with Lynn numerous times in the past and have always appreciated his knowledge and quick turn around time. Lynn just finished recreating my website and I am thrilled! Not only is it exactly what I had in mind, but his suggestions and improvements can only add to the success of my business. I highly recommend Lynn McColley of McColley Marketing Media for all your website design needs.