Front Page of Google! Every business wants to be there. McColley Marketing Media has a range of Phoenix SEO Services to help you get there.

Keyword Research Service

Choosing the right keywords is the most important decision you will make concerning your website. Choose the wrong keywords and your website investment is wasted. 

Google processes 45 thousand searches every second - around 3.5 billion per day.  Some of them are looking for you.  What keywords did they use?  Google returns you higher in the results if your keywords match exactly what your potential customer typed in.

Imagine your business cleans carpeting.  Would you choose "Carpet Cleaner Phoenix" or "Carpet Cleaning Phoenix?" as your keyword?  It's a critical decision.  Searchers use one of them 1,900 times per month and the other only 40 times a month.

Keyword Competition

There's something else to consider: competition.  There are 3 times more sites using one of those phrases as compared to the other.  That means you'll need to beat out 3 times as many web pages to get yours to the front page, and you'll also need to how well-optimized the competition is. 

SEO Strategy

Your decision on which keyword to use is usually not clear cut.  And one keyword isn't enough.  To be successful, your site will need to have multiple keywords related to the various products and services your business offers.

The days of cramming a bunch of keywords on your homepage are long gone. The search engines rank every page on your site separately and reward pages that are focused on just one topic.  Using our Keyword Research, we'll create a structure for your website designed to get visitors for every part of your business. 

Website Optimization

The search engines are just computer programs that "crawl" your website looking for clues about what each page is about. Not only do you need to best keywords for each page of your site, but those keywords need to be used in specific ways. This is what's known as Search Engine Optimization.

An example is the "Title Tag" it's a hidden part of every page.  It doesn't show up on your page, but your browser places it on the "tab."  It's considered the most important place for keywords.

There are many ways to tell the crawlers what your page is about and what keywords are important to you. Making sure that every page on your site is optimized increases the chances that your site will rank well.

Buying Adwords? Optimize Your Site!

Visitors that find you through a search are known as "organic" as compared to visitors who click on an ad. According to research, organic visitors are far more likely to buy.  But ad driven traffic is more predictable. So why optimize your site if you're buying ads to drive your traffic?

Google's goal is to provide the best "experience" for their users. That includes those who click on their ads. They punish advertisers who place misleading ads by placing them lower in the list, charging them more, and even banning the ads if they are way off.  Of course this is all done by computer programs that don't read.  Optimizing your web page for the same keyword you use in your ad will mean higher placement, cheaper ad prices, and more buyers.

Getting the keywords and your website structure right is critical to your success. If you're looking for a Phoenix SEO Services, call us at McColley Marketing Media - 480-704-4286. We'll take a look at your site, and give you some ideas on how to get more buyers.

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