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Innovative Retirement Solutions Website Design by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZInnovative Retirement Solutions Website Design
by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZ

Innovative Retirement Solutions is the home site for Financial Advisor Raymond Singh, AWMA, RFC.

Financial Advisors may be one of the most regulated industries in the country. They are extremely limited in what they can say and everything must be cleared before it can be published.

As a marketing and advertising professional it was frustrating at times.

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Angels Ad Website Design by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZAngels Ad pbb Website Design
by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZ

We've been involved with the  Angels Ad website over 4 different version and designed 2 of them. It's an international site with hundreds of weekly users in Africa, India, Europe and North America. It's income is primarily from advertising.

Currently Angels Ad is focused on Classified Advertising, which it gives away for free.  It also has a Business Directory and wide ranging Discussion Forum. You'll also find a Blog, TV Channel, News, and Contest sections all with input from an international team.

Angels Ad is also using our Marketing Automation platform by Mautic.  You may notice a number of popup forms inviting you to get a number of Free Reports which lead users into a system. The website is created in Joomla.

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DJB Radio Website Design by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZDJB Radio Website Design
by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZ

DJB Radio makes high quality, affordable professional radio broadcasting software. The company has been around since the 1980's, but was known as a "value" product. Ron Paley, an industry pioneer, purchased the company and has been innovating with new award-winning products and adding premium features and updating old products to bring them in line with the best of the industry.

They realized their old website wasn't doing the job. McColley Marketing Media created the new website with Joomla as it's foundation. The site's design follows their established branding. We expanded their content dramatically to explain the user benefits and the technical characteristics of their products.

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Total German Motorworks Website Design by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZTotal German Motorworks Website Design
by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZ

Total German Motorworks is a family-owned auto repair busineess in Mesa that works exclusively on German-made cars; Audi, BWW, Mercedes, VW, Mini Coopers and Smart Cars. They were looking for a way to get more business from their website.

We saw right away that their website was in need of attention. It was basically one page long, built with Wordpress.  They didn't need a new website, just some improvements to their site. We remodeled several parts of their site technically, did a keyword study so we could create strong content on new pages for each of their brands and added some new functions.

The result - lots of love from from Google and a phone that is ringing more.


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Bates Insurance Group Website Design by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZBates Insurance Group Website
Redesign by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZ
Bates Insurance Group had a website built with an early version of Joomla that they had recently updated. McColley Marketing Media was brought in to replace a form on the front page.  After creating the "Quick Quotes" module, we dug into the design and adapted it to a responsive, mobile-ready layout. We also created the icon based modules with links to their most important content.

The website had some great customer testimonials, but they were buried away in a second level page.  Knowing that 93% of consumers want to see customer reviews, we added a module to showcase a fresh review right up front.

Built using Joomla CMS in a custom Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Layout.

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Master Blaster Pressure Washers Website Design by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZMaster Blaster Pressure Washers Website Design
by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZ

Master Blaster Pressure Washers is a family owned company in a small town north of Sioux Falls, SD. They market pressure washers through the Dakotas. Those include cold water units that are built in house and units from Landa, one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

We built the website to be a reference site on pressure washers with pages that cover just about every combination of features you can imagine.  It helped get the attention of Google who has ranked it near the top since it was launched.

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AZX Indian Law Website Design by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZAZ Indian Law Website Design
by McColley Marketing Media, Mesa, AZ

Here's a secret about the legal profession: most cases are pretty cut and dry.  The Magna Carta was signed in 1215 and our American Laws go back to legal precedents decided over the last 800 years.  There isn't much new to be argued and decided - just how the details all fit.

American Indian however, is the the exception. Over the last 250 years, American Law has been all over the place with regards to Native Americans.  In nearly any case, you can point to a precedent that indicates one outcome, and another that suggests the opposite outcome. Add to that each tribe has it's own set of tribal laws that can vary wildly. It can drive lawyers mad - or be a very intriguing field to focus on. Attorney Brian Utsey belongs in the second category.

While doing the keyword research for Brian Utsey's family law website, we discovered a lot of specialized searches that relate to Indian Law.  We suggested a separate site focused on that part of his practice. This site is what we came up with and it's been well trafficked since its launch.

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Great Internet Marketing Consultant - Extremely Satisfied! – A few months back we were in need of an experienced web designer and graphics art designer. Through a fellow Motorcycle Dealer we were able to in touch with Lynn McColley and his marketing group; we have been extremely satisfied with his work and his dedication. Not to mention he helped launch one of the most successful Sales Promotions in our dealerships history. Twigg Cycles thanks Lynn for his hard work and his efforts towards developing successful electronic media ad campaigns for our dealership.