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  • Can your visitors see your site? New browsers and new technology like tablets and smartphones have changed the way your visitors view your site. Can they still read it?
  • What does Google see? It’s important that your site communicates with the search engines. A few small changes can make a world of difference in your rankings. We’ll also examine those things that are - or are not - happening outside your site that affect your rankings.
  • Does your site “sell”? Many web designers are artists at heart, and you know the old cliché of the “starving artist.” Is your site turning visitors into customers? We’ll tell you what you need to do to start selling to your visitors.
  • Is your site accountable? There are some very powerful tools that can help you track your site’s effectiveness. We’ll tell you what you need.

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I would hope you're proud of your business. I would also hope your web site means just as much to you. Then it only makes sense to hire a professional company. With McColley Marketing you get years of marketing experience combined with years of web site design. McColley Marketing Media asks all the right questions and knows exactly what it takes to put your site at the top of the first Google page.